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Peachy Keen Films-Righteous Execution

  • 30 April 2018
  • tabaoo videos Peachy Keen Films-Righteous Execution
    tabaoo videos Peachy Keen Films-Righteous Execution

    Righteous Execution. Starring Candle Boxxx

    Cynthia Collins is a bad lady. Evil in fact. She had plundered, murdered, maimed, and slobber at preachers. She is a bad, bad chick.
    Now, in her hideout, getting prepared to shoot up so she could wank over all the money she had, the pigs had ultimately caught up to her. They dump right in and took her down.
    They took her mugshot, then, represented by a wacky wish vignette, she was sentenced to be EXECUTED.
    She is threw in her box, stuffing her face against the wall, ***** in her facehole. She enjoyed the ache. She wished the anguish.
    Afterward, her last meal was a cold can of split pea soup. She slurped it off the same floor she defecated on for weeks. She did not mind. She liked it.
    Afterwards, strapped to a tabouret, ebony rubber hood decorating her face, she was eventually agitated. She dreamed the bondage mask off. She wished them all to watch her face as she died.
    They granted her wish--the bondage mask was eliminated. Now, she teased them, praying for her death--daring them to shoot her.
    When the time came, Six shots at the same time rang out, sticking her in the left tit, ripping thru her skin and shredding her heart.
    But she did not die right away. Her bod bent up, her muscles locked, quivered. Then, she leisurely relieved, let out a high whinge, then a delicate breathe.
    As she sank into the tabouret, frigs convulsing, a lengthy load of urinate flowed out of her, adorning the tabouret and floor. She made sure back in her cage to keep pleading for water. She desired to give them a last demonstrate and she was. The piss seemed to geyser forever.
    When it was over, she was encircled all around by her hot urinate, her nude soles sopping.
    Her assets had stopped trembling. The execution was finish.
    The whore was dead.

    Runtime : 11min 9s
    File Size : 708 MB
    Resolution : 1280x720

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    Peachy Keen Films-Righteous Execution
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