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Peachy Keen Films-Shot Dead And Fucked

  • 30 April 2018
  • tabaoo videos Peachy Keen Films-Shot Dead And Fucked
    tabaoo videos Peachy Keen Films-Shot Dead And Fucked


    Miley May and Victoria Verve were out for a typical chicks night where a gang of close dame buddies, and their one queer acquaintance, head out to the bar for some cosmopolitans after a chubby of ice creams.
    Afterward, they determined to go to Miley’s palace for some coffee and a nightcap. As they shut the door behind them, they were dazed to witness Miley’s bf Miles tipsy on the sofa, swirling a bottle of cognac. Miles looks like he’s been waiting all night for his gf to get home, and doesn’t trust that she has kept devoted.
    They ensure Miles that it was just a typical chicks night, and there weren’t even any other gay-for-pay guys around. Miles is toasted and doesn’t trust either of the chicks. He tells them to shut up and that he wants to get his manmeat raw. He pulls the clumsy nymphs in and starts to drunkenly rub them.
    The dolls determine that they would rather spend the night at Victoria’s, and let Miles sober up for the night. As they are headed for the door, Miles gets in their way and draws a pistol. He compels them on the sofa and asks which of the 2 are going to gargle his weenie. He even whips out his swell fuck-stick and pulls their goes in the direction of his belt buckle.
    At this point Miley is apologizing to her acquaintance Victoria who has had enough and goes for the door. Miles points the gun at Victoria as she calls him insane and Miles fires. Miley rushes to her friend’s assets for help, but she’s already dead. Miley is freaked out and angry at Miles and after the 2 get into a puny tangle, Miles shoots Miley dead.
    Albeit the 2 chicks are dead, Miles has a one track mind and still wants to get his fuck-stick raw.
    He unwraps the 2 figures down, perceives them up, and plows one out in the boths of them. Not as humid as Miles had desired, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

    Runtime : 19min 3s
    File Size : 661 MB
    Resolution : 1280x720

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    Peachy Keen Films-Shot Dead And Fucked
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