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Peachy Keen Films-Wrong Target

  • 30 April 2018
  • tabaoo videos Peachy Keen Films-Wrong Target
    tabaoo videos Peachy Keen Films-Wrong Target

    Wrong Target. Starring Alisha Adams and Allie James

    The hitman witnesses the college girl as she ambles thru her apartment and turns right towards him. She chokes in surprise as he shoots her right in the left nip. She submerges down as blood begins to leak out. He does not give her any time to comprehend what is happening and places another shot directly in her right nip. She falls dead.
    He spends time checking her out, disrobing some of her clothes to demonstrate his handiwork. He tongues her puss for a bit before shooting her square on her venus mound.
    He realizes now that he shot the wrong chick. It is her roomy he was supposes to kill. He pummeled up and sits down on the sofa, wallowing in his fury and disappointment as the student lie bloodstained and head before him.
    But he is in luck. Her roomy comes in, unsuspecting of the dude on her sofa. She sets her bad down and turns just in time to received a shot right in her cunt. She commences to respond, and he puts her down with a shot to the left, then right nip. She collapses--dead.
    Now his job is done. He takes off her garment enough to witness his handiwork, then leaves.
    The 2 schools nymphs like blood-soaked and dead in their room.

    Runtime : 12min 56s
    File Size : 403 MB
    Resolution : 1280x720

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    Peachy Keen Films-Wrong Target
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