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  • 30 April 2018
  • tabaoo videos PKF Studios-Deflowered
    tabaoo videos PKF Studios-Deflowered

    Deflowered. Melissa Moore

    Max is at it again with those apps! Today he requested a cool smallish female to model undergarments for him to buy for his “girlfriend.” Aah, technique. She arrives in a sumptuous pinkish grizzly, and embarks to model it in a highly flaunty and taunting manner, her instructed culo peaking out from under it’s fringe. No sooner than Max’s pecker gets rock-hard, cramming his denim, he presses the button on his tablet, stopping time just for her.
    Theres something fresh and different about this one however. He stops to aroma her neck, and underneath her perfume he hones in on that something exclusive. By god she’s a virgin! How can a chick so killer have never been fucked? Max thinks it’s time to switch that. He embarks thrusting away the sensitized bear to uncover her pointy tits. He stops to munch her rigid chubby nips. Those are certainly cherry titties!
    Laying his reward on the sofa, he thrusts aside her underpants to unsheathe her taut rosy cherry twat. He takes a gobble, it tastes so fresh! Opening up her lips apart he bj's on her bean, his meatpipe pulsing, waiting be rubbed by her. He takes hold of her wrist and commences using her mitt to masturbate his fellow meat, her forearm are so sensitive and she looks so nice laying there.
    Perhaps a blowjob? Elevating her up he puts his cock in her facehole, and it senses impressive, pumping his length in and out of her jaws. Noticing her soles he determines maybe a sole job? Those uber-cute toes, how could you not pummel them. But none of this is the main course. He shifts her on her knees. It’s time to watch what real cherry slit perceives like. thrusting her undies to the side he looks down at her taut tiny crevice. Shoving his trouser snake in takes a moment, but eventually the doors to cherry heaven are open and he’s prodding into untainted pussy. A slit this cock-squeezing needs a bunch of working before he can masturbate hit away. Eventually he squirts his blast, satiated. He swiftly dresses and puts her back in order.
    Deactivating the app, she watches the spent condom on the table and a unusual wedgie that wasn’t there moments ago. Oh dear god her precious purity has been stolen! Max knowing he’s been caught, again, and grips her to shut the bi-atch up. He squashes her pretty tiny neck gasping her until the life leaves her glassy eyes. One more oral job won’t hurt her now. He tucks his man meat in her jaws to deposit his geyser on her tongue, something not possible before, she would’ve tasted it. Max leaves his recent gimp on the bed.

    Runtime : 30min 14s
    File Size : 1.00 GB
    Resolution : 1920x1080

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    PKF Studios-Deflowered
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