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PKF Studios-Silenced Them All part 2

  • 5 May 2018
  • PKF Studios-Silenced Them All part 2

    Silenced Them All, Part 2. Starring Pepper Hart, Penny Lay, Stevie Lix & Stephanie Staar. Directed by JohnM

    In Part 1 of, "Silenced Them All", we spotted the rape and fierce murder of a mom and her trio adorable daughters-in-law.
    Part 2 opens to the sequence of the crime, once a homey family apartment, that has now become a bleeding abattoir. Trio youthfull and half-naked ladies are on the bed, will-less bods piled together, each killed by a single bullet wound. Their mommy lies, dead, on the floor, on her back, glassy eyes open, dead and unseeing. The crazed perpetrator of these disgusting acts stays in their mansion, surveying his bleeding handiwork. He is in no rush, so he determines to amuse himself with their lifeless figures. Very first, he undresses the mommy of everything, but her tights, and hauls her to the center of the apartment. Picking up each of the other women, one by one, he arranges them on the floor, their lackadaisical limbs sprawled about in disarray.
    Like a glutton at a smorgasbord of the dead, he indulges in a lewd, necro-orgy. Thrusting his spunk-pump in each of the women's unsheathed and helpless twats, he intrudes their most intimate innards, defiling them, as their lifeless bods wiggle under his savage shoves. Using them 2 at a time, he will pack into one's cock-squeezing fuckbox, while throating on the soles of another, or degustating their still red-hot vag. Again and again, he desecrates their unsheathed corpses with a thirsty fun, mindless of the tragedy of their demise, or any respect for their dignity in death. At last, while slipping his manstick inbetween the sensitized foot of one girl's soles and the sheer, nylon-clad hip of her step-sister, he spews, shooting enormous, milky globs of goo onto their figures. Satiated, the guy leaves, the dead mummy and her manhandled daughters-in-law, lounging about the floor of what was once their home.
    The spouse arrives sometime afterward, ambling into the grisly sequence. He seems saddened, but unsurprised, the clandestine and dangerous nature of his biz not always conducive to a family life. He checks their pulses, always thorough and methodical, tho' he knows they are lengthy dead. Stopping to stare at the almost nude bod of his gorgeous wifey, he reminisces about the naughty times they had, some of which resulted in their 3 daughters-in-law. He thinks to himself, "Well, why not love her, one last time?" It's not like his daughters-in-law are going to make complaints. Taking his trousers off, to free his rock-hard pillar, he pushes into his dead wife's muff, humping her with a selfish strength that he never did when she was alive. He velvety sense of her taut twat brought back memories and, briefly, he sensed his scrotum tighten and he pulled out his salami to douche molten, gloppy juices onto her tummy. Getting clad, he embarked to think about where he would go. It was evident that this city was no longer safe. Ever the practical one, he went about eliminating any valuable jewelry from the his wife's corpse and those of his murdered daughters-in-law. Well, they weren't going to need it, and he could always begin a fresh life, with a fresh wifey and make some fresh daughters.

    Runtime : 33min 22s
    File Size : 586 MB
    Resolution : 768x432

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    PKF Studios-Silenced Them All part 2
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