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PKF Studios-Silenced Them All

  • 5 May 2018
  • PKF Studios-Silenced Them All

    Silenced Them All, Part 1. Starring Pepper Hart, Penny Lay, Stevie Lix & Stephanie Staar. Directed by JohnM

    What embarked off as a standard, hectic day for Mrs. Lix and her trio uber-sexy daughters-in-law, swiftly turns into every family's nightmare. A stud intrudes their home, brandishing a gun, and requiring answers about the inner workings of her husband's company. Horrified, the dolls squat together on the bed, babbling about how they know nothing. Unconvinced of their ignorance, the fellow singles one of the dolls out, dragging her from the bed, to get on all fours at his soles in dread. Clutching her head, he brings it close to his groin, the mummy praying the boy not to hurt her, but things go painfully as, determining she is too much distress, he shoots her in the head. Dead before she strikes the floor, her eyes linger open, glassy and unseeing, a single, blood-soaked slot trickling like a 3rd eye in her forehead, as the mom and her remaining daughters-in-law bellow in horror. With his gun aimed at the gals, he orders the mommy to undress her daughter-in-law nude and prop her up on the sofa. Repulsed by the depraved directive, she nonetheless carries it out, having no choice with her other 2 daughters' lives on the line. Sobbing piteously, she unwraps her tiny girl's corpse and drags it onto the couch, the other femmes cringing, repelled by the nearness of their dead sis. Their disgust intensifies as the guy starts to defile her figure, snuffling her soles, blowing on her toes and lapping at her lifeless poon. He requests that the mommy fumble the dead girl's globes, while he pulls out his rock hard trunk and fondles it with the girl's soles.
    Next, the intruder orders the 2 junior sisters to get on their knees and blow his huge pillar. They hastily serve, fearful they will be shot next if they defy in any way. The youngest has never deep throated a weenie before and is disgusted by his oversized pubes, but he takes hold of her head and compels himself into her harmless jaws, causing her to gasp and gag. The other step-sister, to divert the animal, deepthroats him graciously, taking the length of him down her hatch, slobbering and spitting over it. He wipes his gigantic hard-on on both their pretty faces and coerces them to deepthroat his strenuous pouch. Shoving them back on the bed, next to the cooling corpse of their sis, he uses their nylon-clad soles to give himself a footjob, fumbling 2 soles over his bone and sniffing the other 2. Then, capriciously, he stands up and shoots the youngest sista in the torso, killing her in seconds, inspiring new shrieks from the 2 remaining nymphs.
    He orders the last daughter-in-law to undress at gun point, uncovering her beautiful, taut bod to the threatening man's leering eyes. Saying her to get on the floor, on her back, with her gams opened up broad open, she screams in despair, knowing what new degradation awaits her. Climbing on top of the waifish damsel, he rapes her in front of her own mom, both moaning in agony. Bellowing as the man's ginormous pillar tears into her sensitive cooter, she aggravates her attacker to the point where he shoots her, just to shut her up. She doesn't die immediately, but leisurely bleeds out, while the boy proceeds to plunge deeper and deeper inwards her, her last moments becoming a demeaning ache. Pulling his salami out of her dead beaver, the fellow stands and proceeds to request answers from the mummy, who merely cries, her baby damsels aggressively murdered before her eyes. In a moment of vicious inspiration, the intruder hoists the girl's corpse from the floor and strings up it via the laps of her 2 dead sisters, satisfied with his own creation of a family vignette. Mindless with trouble, the mummy falls to her knees, to weep over her lost children. Ultimately persuaded that she has no information to give, the fellow shoots her in the back of the head, killing her instantaneously. Her bod crumples to the ground, her muscles going will-less and slack, her bladder extracting and emptying acrid urine, darkening the groin of her stocking and the carpet underneath her.
    What more can this boy do to these scanty ladies, now that he's slaughtered them in cold blood, torturing them brutally in their final moments? For the nosey, glance for Part Two of this fierceness crammed video.

    Runtime : 35min 56s
    File Size : 739 MB
    Resolution : 768x432

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    PKF Studios-Silenced Them All
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