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PKF Studios-Slut Daughter

  • 5 May 2018
  • PKF Studios-Slut Daughter

    Slut Daughter. Starring Emma Scarlett

    Tastey Emma has a problem that she wants to converse with her Father about. None of the men at college can make her jizm. Overwhelmed to learn that his baby dame is such a whore, he still perceives that he needs instruct her how to have a toe-curling ejaculation. The very first step, he guarantees her, is to take off her clothes and uncover her taut, youthful bod. Laying her back on the bed, he commences to lubricant up her cock-squeezing, sex-positive labia, and crams it with 2, giant frigs. She chokes at the fullness opening up her out inwards, but that's just the kicking off. Using an industrial energy hitachi on her rock-hard, lil' jewel, she screams and flips her eyes, her bod shivering in grimaces of enjoyment.
    He almost wears lil' tart out and she sits in a post-orgasmic daze, eyelids half closed, a goofy sneer on her super-cute face. Unluckily, those were the last climaxes she will ever have, because a Parent knows he just can't have his tiny woman being such a yam-sized biotch. Taking a length of electric rope, he wraps it around her neck and pulls taut, smothering the wanton waif from behind. Her eyes full salute and her gullet gapes, face turning crimson as she fights to sigh. Her hands reach behind her, attempting to relief the strain on her sensitized facehole, but it's hopeless. Her wriggling and writhing leisurely weaken and shortly the nude doll is dead, her bod will-less and lifeless.
    Still, there's no feel in fully wasting such a steamy looking corpse. Propping her up on the bed, the phat guy glides his manhood into the girl's taut, humid coochie. Taking hold of her thighs, he humps her stiff and prompt, his firm pink cigar loving the velvet clutch of her dead vagina. Tossing his head back, he spunks, throbbing pink cigar whipping out a flood of gonad goo while submerged deep inwards the cracked lady. Once satiated, her leaves her bare and defiled corpse on the bed. Who knows, maybe he'll be rock-hard again while she's still warm?

    Runtime : 17min 12s
    File Size : 276 MB
    Resolution : 768x432

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    PKF Studios-Slut Daughter
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