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PKF Studios-Stranger Inside part 2

  • 5 May 2018
  • PKF Studios-Stranger Inside part 2

    Stranger Inside 2. Starring Ashley Lane

    Ashley is stoked after signing the lease for her fresh room and calls her acquaintance to tell her all about the place.
    "I can't believe what a fine deal I got and it comes downright furnished too!" Ashley explains.
    "The bed is so handy, you're going to have to come check it out and tell me what you think," she says.
    Before Ashley can say anything else about the place her ex beau, who had been stalking her, shoots a load in and grapples Ashley down to the ground. Handed out, her ex embarks disrobing her pulling off her purple brassiere unsheathing her fat puffy orbs and her new hairless muff.
    The deranged guy pulls Ashley to the sofa and trusses a bony ebony strap around her neck pulling stiffly cutting off the air to Ashley rudely waking her and springing her into act attempting to struggle for her life and get up. But thru her punching and choking for air she is promptly loosing her intensity and force, dying in the arms of her ex beau fantastic.
    Once again her ex pulls her up to the sofa and embarks pulverizing her with a ferociousness with rage and fervor knowing this will be the last time he see's Ashley.
    Leaving his jism all over her jewel he gets up and leaves her lifeless figure before someone else can find him there.

    Runtime : 17min 8s
    File Size : 288 MB
    Resolution : 768x432

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    PKF Studios-Stranger Inside part 2
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