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PKF Studios-Surprise Shooting

  • 5 May 2018
  • PKF Studios-Surprise Shooting

    Surprise Shooting. Starring Pandora

    This one has a lengthy, consensual hump episode leading up to 2 shooting gigs.  Each gig is a conclude surprise to the sub. In addition, there are sole with flip-flops views.  Uber-cute effects on this!!!
    A duo is having fucky-fucky.  They do it all ways.  Then, in dream, he shoots a load all over her face--so much, she has to keep her eyes closed.  Then, when she is saying him how good he was, he abruptly shoots her in the head, cutting her off in mid sentence.  Blood everywhere.  He looks over his filth, then leaves--letting the camera pan the carnage.
    Then, he is back to reality and still plumbing her. The switch postures to doggie-style fashion.  Just as she is groaning for him to nail her firmer, he pulls a gun out and shoots her in the back of the head, this time indeed killing her.
    Her head stuffed down into the cushion with the power of the bullet and a puddle of blood and pieces.  She was dead.
    He kept ravaging her until he came all over her backside.
    Then, he left, leaving her laying there, poon stretched, soles partially dangling off the couch.  Afterwards, one of her flip-flops falls off, leaving her nude sole exposed.

    Runtime : 18min 58s
    File Size : 392 MB
    Resolution : 768x432

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    PKF Studios-Surprise Shooting
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