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PKF Studios-Trashy Whores

  • 5 May 2018
  • PKF Studios-Trashy Whores

    Trashy Whores. Starring Emma Scarlett, Zoey Laine. Directed by JohnM

    Zoey Laine is a super-fucking-hot, tiny soiree tart, attempting to sneak back into her sorority sans anyone finding out her doing the walk of shame. Unluckily, Emma Scarlett is up early, texting on her phone, and is disgusted at the state her sorority step-sister is in. Her clothes lengthy gone in last night's depravity, Zoey is clad in nothing but a litter bag and, dumb tart that she is, she prefer a clear, plastic bag, her bare assets uncovered for anyone to witness. Chortling at how promiscuous the blond haired ditzy looks, Emma embarks taking pictures to demonstrate the other sisters, but when Zoey pleads her not to display them to anyone, she gets a nicer idea.
    Emma orders Zoey to take the bag off. When she does, Emma is stunned at how much jism coats the floozie. Adorning her pointy bosoms, frosting her obese, rigid caboose and cascading from her well used beaver. Turning crimson from shame, Zoey admits that she lost count of all the dudes that used her for a seed depository. Horrified, Emma pulls out a yam-sized litter bag and tells Zoey to get inwards. If she's going to action like garbage, she'll be handled like rubbish. Emma proceeds to berate and abase the insane slag, but is caught off guard when she watches her touching her dribbling puss. Outraged that this cum-covered super-bitch is getting off on being handled like litter, Emma holds the plastic taut over Zoey's face, suffocating her, while she fights, thrashing inwards the plastic bag. When her assets heads still, eyes open and glassy, Emma realizes she's gone too far.
    Calling one of her more questionable boy pals to help, he fastly assesses the situation. He agrees to help her, to get rid of the figure, but only if she'll do something for him very first. Pulling out his gigantic man rod, Emma gets the hint and scrunches up her face in disgust. Revolted by the man's unshaved, filthy spear, she has lil' time to think, as he grips her head, harshly forcing himself into her gullet. She embarks to deep-throat him in earnest, expecting to get him off, get rid of the figure and leave behind about this entire incident. Unluckily, he wants more and begins taking her clothes off. When she resists, he gets brutish, holding her down, prodding his manhood into Emma's cock-squeezing slit.
    She struggles, but he is much fatter, much heavier. His arms wrap around her jaws and wring, gagging the life from her. They struggle atop Zoey's corpse, plastic crinkling, as the strangle-fuck heads on. Ultimately, Emma is just as still, just as dead, as Zoey. The stud places both of their nude figures in the garbage bag, side by side, and leaves them to be found, destined to be disposed of like the garbage they are.

    Runtime : 12min 7s
    File Size : 258 MB
    Resolution : 768x432

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    PKF Studios-Trashy Whores
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